Chardonnay Concrete EGG Fermented

SFr. 21.80


Chardonnay Concrete EGG Fermented

SFr. 21.80

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Rossidi Winery - one of of best Boutique Wineries in Bulgaria, from Thracian Valley Region. Terroir is great for Wines. People who make the wine are absolute "wine freaks" who put so much attention to every single step of wine making, that it is unbelievable!

Making wine is definitely an art!

And what is most important in all art is the author’s personal attitude.


This is the Slogan of the Wineyard. You can tell it is so, after you experience the Rossidi Wine experience. Starting with the box. Touching the bottle. Paying attention to the label and its drawings (drawings are personally created by the owner of Rossidi- Eddie Kourian). Then comes the moment of the wine. This is a big moment. You need to experience it!

Rossidi Chardonnay Egg Fermented- 100% Chardonnay.

The wine is produced in non typical concrete fermentator in the shape of an egg, where the wine fermetated and developed its potential. So the winemakers showed it on the unique label of the Rossidi Chardonnay!

It has light strawy color with smooth greenish nuances.

The wine shows out a mellow nose with ripe yellow fruit, honey and acacia.

Powerful body with soft freshness and fragrant, lightly spicy finish.

Rossidi Chardonnay is a wine with potential. Extremely elegant and well made wine!

Watch what Steven Spurrier thinks of this wine:

See the producer, know his impressive story and awards and complements his wines got from world most famous Wine Figures in the world!