The Road of Wine, The Gold Treasures and Unesco

The Road of Wine, The Gold Treasures and Unesco


Every road has a beginning and an end...

...and see, in the camp of the Achaeans under the Eastern walls of Troy there is excitement... men have unloaded wine-bags full of heavy, red almost black wine from the remote Thracian land Ismar...

    (Homer, The Iliad 2nd millennium BC)

Where was Ismar? Does it still exist?
The aroma, the color and the taste of Bulgarian Wines are leading to an area, only 20 km from the second capital of the First Bulgarian KingdomVeliki Preslav - the area of old Ismar!

The birth of wine is a mystery! There is no firm evidence when exactly that has happened.
We are certain about two things only: in the first place the first wine was not “made”, it “happened” for which reason it was perceived as “a gift from Heaven”, and secondly, without any doubt it was red …

And where did that happen? In the Ur of Chaldea or in Akkad, at the foot of
Caucasus – Armenia or Georgia or in Ancient Hellas at the time of King Oynos and the shepherd of his herds - Stafidos?
We, Bulgarians have enough evidence that the first true, brisk, divine and elating
red grape elixir has been produced in unknown times by unknown masters on the territory of Ancient Europe (Scythia, Thrace, Mysian and the Hellas), all of them in the lands of the three Bulgarian States from the 5th to the 19th century. Most of these lands are within the boundaries of Bulgaria of our times.
In the past three hundred years the Bulgarian master vine-growers have cultivated the precious varieties “Pamid”, "Rubin", “Red Misket”, “Dimiat”, “Gamza”, “Mavrud” and “Shiroka Melnishka Loza, which are nowhere else to be found in the world and from which for more of 13 centuries now the Bulgarian winegrowers have been producing unique wines.

And so, every road has a beginning and an end...

But the beginning of the road of wine to the whole of Europe is in the ancient States of the Traces and Greeks – the most areas of them  already 1400 years homeland of the Bulgarians…who drink the wine from golden horns...

Countless are the exquisite ancient wine vessels, mostly made of silver and gold, found in the numerous Thracian tombs on the Bulgarian lands.

The most famous of them is the Panagyurishte treasure, which has spent more than 20 centuries in the land. 6,5 kg Pure GOLD...



The affection and skill of the Thracians to produce the grape elixir was also passed on to the Slavs and Pre-Bulgarians who together formed the Bulgarian ethnicity.
The Bulgarians retained their traditions in viticulture and winemaking and during the time when they were part of the great Ottoman Empire (14-19 century). One reason is that they manage to preserve their Christian religion, in whose worship rituals wine is an important symbol of the blood shed by Christ...

                                         “Drink of it, all of you. For this is My blood
                                        of the new covenant, which is shed for many
                                        for the remission of sins …”
                                                  (Jesus Christ, the Last Supper, Year 33)


A lot could be found about our Historical Treasures. A lot evidence is here, to show the modern world how old, how, rich, how precious, how old is the History of our Beautiful Bulgaria.

And as proud Bulgarians we would offer you also WINE TOURS in Bulgaria, combined with visiting the place, where the Panagjurishte Gold Treasure is. 

The Wineries. The Roses. The Kukeri Festivals. The Rhodopi Mountain with its magical and breathtaking views. The Rila Monastery. The SPA places. The Mineral Water. The 300 Days sun. The beauty.... it all could be captured in your heart within a holiday!

There are many sacred places in Bulgaria, which are Unesco Heritage: find out more here:

Bulgaria is a real gem in Europe: its Culture, its eople, its Wine, its Cuisine, its Monastery, and Cultural Inheritance will fill in your emotions tank up to the max!

Contact us, we can organize you your best holiday!

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And something form my Homeplace, Yambol, near ancient Kabile Reservat:




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