Who we are?

We are 1wein.ch - Let us surprise you how good the Boutique Wines of Bulgaria are!

We do not follow any trends. We create them!

Born in 2019 with one mission: To present the Boutique Wines of Bulgaria in Switzerland and to put again Bulgarian Wine onto the Wine Map 😊

Because Bulgarian Wine is not just a wine…. It is Emotion. It is experience. It is 7000 of History. It is lots of hand work. It is made with love. It is presented with love. … And this all you can feel, taste and smell in every glass!

Not many people research in that direction, to know how, when and where the first wines of the world actually “happened”…. The answer to this question is “around Black Sea”, where is now Bulgaria.

How did we started? 
Wise people say that it is possible to live without passion, but it is meaningless.
Here is how we started: with passion and love for Bulgarian Wine. With the mission to help the best Boutique Wineries to have the chance to reach the people with the finest taste, here in Switzerland.

Being a woman in Tech is not easy, says Rumi, the heart and soul of 1wein: It needs an inspiration, from where to charge and refocus the Feminine Energy into something, that brings joy to those with finest taste for Wine.  
Working aside from the normal and serious Engineering job in Telecom Branche, 1wein.ch started as a Hobby, and is constantly growing and having more Fans! Currently we have our Wines in some of the best places in Zurich, such as Bar am Wasser, Poushe Strudelhaus and others. We have companies, who trust us for their Corporate Gifts, Events and Aperos: Eat.ch, Nobel Sense, UBS, Fine Tech companies, Recruiting Companies.

We are now a small Team of amazing people: great Personalities, that fit together as the pieces of a puzzle. We work together, to make the best of every opportunity, idea and Wine Tasting.

What do we do? We organize often Wine Tasting and if you come to one of them, you will see that this is a completely different experience: with a warm Cultural touch, with Bulgarian Cuisine, lots of inspiration and fabulous wines: this is how we do it!
You can buy wine there on place or to order from our Online Boutique: www.1wein.ch

Become our Client and Partner!

Private: Life is too short to drink always the same wine. True? Not only on your table daily…..
We can come for a private Tasting or support you fully with Wine and Apero Food for your Celebration.
Wine Clubs: Lets expand your knowledge to a whole new world: the ancient Wine World of Bulgaria
Restaurant/ Bar: We can make a Tasting together and assist you in creating you new Wine list. We suggest that you change the wines with the seasonal dishes. Your clients need something new.
Let it be the Bulgarian Wine!
Corporation/ Own Business/ Startup: It is true, that everything that we want to achieve in life is only one Relationship away.
Exactly now, when the world is full of fear, anxiety, isolation, social distance and insecurities, is the time to show appreciation to your Partners, Clients and Employees.
Exactly now is the time to say THANK YOU for your contribution and to make them feel special, important and valuable to You!
We are happy to create your Business Gifts for you!  (contact us per E-mail: sales@1wein.com)

Chefs & Influencers:  The Art of Culinary needs surprises and inspiration. We can definitely bring you some! Wanna try some Bulgarian Wines?

Future goals:

In Switzerland:
To have more Fans and B2B clients.
To change the current status quo of having the same wines in restaurants.
It is time for something fresh, that needs your attention!

Internationally: to expand to Asian Market, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia,….

If you see in us your next Partner in Wine, contact us: sales1wein.com

We are happy to help You!  

Lets brainstorm about your ideas and bring them forward!
We are happy to contribute to your Business development and to the success of your Restaurant and Bar!

Yours, 1wein Team

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