The wine speaks...with its own language, voice, color, taste, emotions. Every glass of wine reveals a piece of the land... Every drop has a story to tell about the people, their stories and heritage. 
We are a young and ambitious team, whose focus is to present you the best Boutique Wineries from the regions, where wine producing actually began - 8000 years ago. Let's take off to beautiful Bulgaria!
Maybe you do not know where this country is on the map or you know a bit...maybe you have never heard about our wines, maybe you do not know anything about our culture ... but in one sip of wine, you will feel and enjoy the flavors of Bulgaria at its best! Promised!
FOR YOUR COMPANY - We are happy to prepare your customized gifts for your colleagues, Employees and Partners. Just contact us and we will  give you great ideas and will send amazing gifts to your people!
FOR GASTRONOMY AND HOTELS we have very special wines, that will melt your clients. Because, no matter where we are, what we do and which language do we speak, we all have something in common: WE ALL WANT TO BE SURPRISED!  WE ALL WANT TO FEEL SPECIAL!
It is our pleasure to discuss with You what you need and to find the BEST wines for your Gastro Object or Company!
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FOR WINE LOVERS: Every month we have an Unique Wine Tasting, where you can try a bunch of wines from our amazing selection. 
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Let us take you on the best  journey of your life -  just in a glass of wine... 

In our Wine Boutique, you will find fantastic wines, fair prices, Art & Wine , entertainment and great memorable customer experience!

See you on our next Wine Tasting Event!

It is our privilege to have you as our client!