Explorer Box 3

SFr. 111.00 SFr. 134.00


Explorer Box 3

SFr. 111.00 SFr. 134.00
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Life is too short to drink always the same wine- right?

We have created this special selection- a great Box of wines, that include everything, for every taste:

Look what is inside:

1. Via Aristotelis Merlot - fabulous Merlot! Our italian customers say, that you can easily mix it with the finest Italian Merlot wines. Must try!


2. Melnik 55- the most favorite wine of Winston Chirchil. Absolutely fabulous grape, fantastic wine!


3. GAMZA - the wine with 93 Points from Decanter 2021

Amazing for Aperitif, for Steak Tartar, for Pasta and Pizza. MUST TRY!


4. Pinot Noir - Rossidy Winery


5. Via Aristotelis - Rose from Melnic 55

Ask for it at Bar am Wasser :) They definitely know how good is it :)




As a gift for You, we give you a bottle of a very special White: it is called AXL, by Chateau Copsa and is made of Rose Valley Misket. ( I will tell you, under secret: Your next favorite White is this)