K5 2016, Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah, Balar Winery

SFr. 26.50


K5 2016, Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah, Balar Winery

SFr. 26.50
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Balar Winery - a pure gem in Boutique Wineries on the Bulgarian map. Coming from my birth place, they prove that there everything is in a harmony with the other things - great soil, fantastic air, generous sunshine, water and warm people, who make the picture of this area of Thracian Valley absolutely amazing!

One of our Best Sellers - very favorite wine of our Swiss customers!

Tasting Notes: Wine with an attractive ruby-red color and violet nuances. Irresistibly rich combination of black and red forest fruits, vanilla and caramel. The nose is intense with a blend of vanilla, chocolate and honey.

Luscious, fruity and harmonious taste with an excellent balance. Captivating finale.


Awards:   Gold and Bronze medal, London Experts in Wine Awards

Variety:     Cabernet Sauvignon 70% and Syrah 30%

Vintage:    2016

Alcohol:    14.3% vol.

In the collection of Balar Winery there are also K1, K3, K5, K7, K9.

Balar Winery produces the first patented Vitalized Wine in the world!  Wine, maturing in Oaks, under the music of Beethiven, Mozart or Bach.

You can Pre-order it! Contact us and we will send you some more information and presentation with all the details about Vitalized wine!

This is the most special gift you could make!